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Organizations interested in consulting with WSU Ventures regarding a novel innovation or technology they have created should complete this profile prior to consultation.

Customer Profile


This form is used when the University or a Principle Investigator (PI) within the University would like to discuss proprietary information with outside sources. It gives legal protection to the owners of the intellectual property.

Non-Disclosure Agreement


Written in many forms to suit particular needs, the basic idea is to legally protect the University in its business dealings with outside companies. The University, as with any industry, strives to match its research assets to businesses of interest. While doing so, the University needs to protect its intellectual property so further developments can prosper from those findings.

Wichita State University Research with Industry


These agreements are used when intellectual property materials are being shared with another entity, such as a university, that can enhance the intellectual property via further research. This agreement helps set the boundaries of ownership and rights for each researcher. Please contact Becky Hundley (316-978-5199) if you need to send or receive proprietary materials.

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